You can choose to be a casual or an enrolled patient with City Medical Centre.

By enrolling you will pay lower consultations fees as the government will subsidise the cost of your healthcare at our practice. You will also be eligible for government initiative programmes and as an enrolled patients will be recalled for these.  These can include, Mammograms, Flu vaccinations, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment checks.  To do this you will need to sign an enrolment form.  You can not be enrolled at more than one practice at any time. 

Eligibility Criteria

a. Is a New Zealand Citizen.

b. Hold a residence permit for a minimum of 2 years, or holds   a current returning resident visa

c. Has a two year work permit or is an international student  able to show that they are legally able to be in New Zealand for at least 2 years

d. Is a refugee or is in the process of applying for refugee status

Requirements for Eligibility

For funding purposes, provision of the following information and its use as described below, is mandatory to enable you to receive subsidised funding.

Non-clinical information

The information (including the name of your provider and the date of your last consultation), but not your health information, will be sent to the District Health board or its agent to obtain subsidised funding on your behalf.

The information will be used by the Ministry of Health to give you a National Health Index number or update your NHI information.

Please note than being enrolled or a casual patient In no way effects how you are treated by the doctor it only effects the fee you pay.

Enrolment Form

Privacy Statement PHO

Request to Transfer Medical Records

New Patient Medical History Questionnaire