Our mission is to provide high quality medical care

Our vision is for City Medical Centre to be a trusted provider of a personalised medical service that is valued by patients and staff of current and future generations.

Our values are excellence through:

¯     Patient-Centeredness:  We keep the patient’s perspective, needs, interests and safety at the centre of every decision that we make.

¯     Community-Mindedness:  We nurture both the individual and the community that we are a part of.

¯     Team Work:  We work as a team and recognise that our success is tied to others and we work with other health professionals and teams to provide the highest quality service.

¯     Respect:  We honour the diverse experience, perspectives, aspirations, and knowledge that every person brings to City Medical Centre.  

¯     Integrity: We are ethical, open and honest

¯     Patient Service:  We are caring, compassionate and professional in communicating, applying and improving our health knowledge and skills.

¯     Accountability:  We are committed to serving our patients and community. We measure our quality, celebrate our success, and address our shortcomings.