Consultation Fees - Based on a 15 minute consultation

65 years and over$53.00
18-64 years$61.00
17 years$53.00
Under 13 yearsFree
Nurse Fee from$20.00
Blood Test with Nurse$15.00

Casual Patients

18 years and over$89.00
18 years and over with community service or high user card$73.50
13-17 years$67.50
13-17 years with community service or high user card$64.50
Under 13 years$30.00
Nurse Fee from$30.00

Other Fees

ACC surcharge$56.00
Repeat prescriptions$20.00 or faxed $25.00
Repeat prescriptions Urgent$30.00 or faxed $35.00
Medical from$150.00
Minor Surgery from$280.00
Cervical smear with a nurse from$35.00
Cervical smear with a GP from Standard Consultation-
Referral Letters$5.00-$20.00

PLEASE NOTE: A statement fee of $5.00 applies for all outstanding accounts at the end of each month.
As at 5 July 2013

Financial Policies

All fees are due on the day of your consultation. Please note that an account fee will be charged on outstanding fees at the end of the calendar month. We will be happy to discuss all fees and any questions you may have regarding our servies.

Repeat Prescriptions

We offer a repeat prescriptions service for our patients. Please contact the nurse to initiate this. (Repeat Prescriptions need to be approved and signed by your doctor, if the doctor requires you to be seen the nurse will advise you of this).

The fee for this service is payable at reception.

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